Praise for Ben Stoltzfus

Works The Eye of the Needle, a tour de force of the French form. ~Richard Rhodes in the New York Times Book Review.

Black Lazarus is a remarkably original and powerful book. ~Rochelle Owens. Red White and Blue is an open, adventurous, ludic text ... an excellent 'read,' all that is most enjoyable in the postmodern enterprise.~Raylene Ramsay in the New Novel Review.

At once striking and revelatory ...Valley of Roses bursts forth in a combination of poetic style, metaphoric profusion, and elegiac tone ... a fine novel. ~Erik Nakjavani in The International Fiction Review

Praise for Melanie

"Melanie Rosin has a way with words. These poems refuse to sit nicely in time the way others might-- Rosin's ability to layer disguise over the structures of her formal poetry is impressive. The thrill of discovering the depth of her subtle yet wonderfully apparent craft breathes a breath of life into this fresh new collection. Rosin demonstrates sill with Four Feet From the Surface, and has certainly earned her place among new writers to keep an eye on." ~Alanna McAuley, Southern Methodist University

Praise for Our Authors
Praise for Ashanti White

"Words dance through White's poems; her voice is vibrant and sharp, loud when it needs to be, soft when it wants to be; ultimately, it is the delightful music of the language itself that drives these poems. Rich and original, these poems will entertain many readers and would fit well into any contemporary poetry collection." ~Louis McKee, Library Journal