Hailed the Zora Neale Hurston of her generation, Ashanti White once again proves herself a clever wordsmith in this intimate collection of poetry and prose that follows the release of her debut novel.  Tackling historical and contemporary universalities, including sexual assault in "Stolen," linguistics in "Slang," and love in "Do-Right Woman," Ashanti eloquently captures the complex yet beautiful essence of human existence.
 With Melanie Rosin's first collection of poems, the common is captured and painted in powerfully uncommon ways. Her poignancy embodies the uncertainty, antipathy, and redemption that makes us human. From a grandmother's desperate clutch for independence to the painful realization that "time can't stop the pain," Rosin writes with an unclouded voice that will undoubtedly resonate with her reader.
Cat O Nine Tails consists of nine stories about cats and how cats have influenced certain characters. Although ostensibly about felines, the stories are also playful postmodern explorations of language, the creative process, images, sounds and cultural practices. The settings are international, and they range from California to New England, southern France, Istanbul and Cuba. The settings are as diverse as the stories. Beautifully written and exceedingly intricate, Cat O Nine Tails embraces the captivity of American literary fiction.